The Market Din’t Give A Damn, Even If You Born in Privilege Society

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We’re afraid to consume something we don’t know.
It’s human nature.
The consumer especially, they afraid to taken advantage by a stranger. They may have been cheated in the past, or they may just be displaying the “fear of sellers” that grips the average 21st Century consumer.

But, the reality is.
We still getting cheated on basis of the day.
When you open the Internet, go to Facebook, watch TV news show, check your e-mail and you’re likely to find horror stories about people who scammed online through a fake website.

The Internet has taken a beating through the years, with a massive amount of one-page websites as the conduit for fly-by-night businesses routinely to “take the money and run.”

They don't care about customers. They just care about money. So they may be set up a contemporary website to con people with fake 'grand prizes and 'lottery'

It's happening too often in my country Indonesia.
Then, people will come crying on the Internet and complain.

But, why that shady business can strive and go big. Even if you can google anything for information?
And why people still get scammed even if the internet literary flooded with warnings from the expert market?

A limited offer has unlimited appeal

Dan Lok says in her e-book, the seller use trick to give people the illusion of rarity.

  • "This is the chance of the lifetime. Come on get it."
  • "You will never forget this, the amazing experience of the great musical."
  • "Tired getting reject calls? Sign up for my webinar and you will find out the secret."
  • "20 minutes again closed. The last chance to you sign up for my private club."

People always love exclusiveness.
They will pay a big amount of money just to make themselves special.

The reality is?

No, I'm sorry. It's just all business my friend.

Limited edition's trap

Have you ever walked into one of those trendy, high-end ladies' boutiques that have just three or four dresses on display in an enormous space?

Ever wonder why? It’s exclusivity at work!

In a world where mass-production is the name of the game, an offer of exclusivity is especially appealing. That’s why so many marketing messages use phrases like:

• Limited edition

• Limited production

• Limited number available

Ladies’ clothing is mass-produced, so displaying only one dress at a time makes it appear to be as rare as any jewels in the world. And it's the illusion of uniqueness that gives it the one-of-a-kind allure that can justify an outrageously high price payment.

People will beg you to take their money if you can make them feel “special” and part of a “private club”.

She knows the difference between a dress that’s off-the-rack and a designer original that comes from the House of Widget.

But despite what she KNOWS, it’s what she FEELS-- that will convince her to buy. And that lone dress on display will make her feel like she’s getting something that no one else has…

even though she knows better.

Surf at your own risk

Scammers trick millions of people a year. According to a report from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), U.S. consumers filed roughly 1.7 million fraud complaints, 892,000 “other” complaints, and 651,000 complaints of identity theft during 2019 (the most recent data available). Of the 1.7 million fraud complaints, 23% reported that money was lost, to the tune of $1.9 billion overall. That's an increase of $293 million over what was reported in 2018.

What may be surprising in the digital age is that the most common method fraudsters used to contact victims was the telephone (74%), followed by websites (9%), email (8%), consumer-initiated contact (5%), mail (3%), and other (2%). People ages 60 to 69 filed the most fraud reports (20%) and reported the biggest losses ($223 million)

Sure, there’s no set formula or guarantee that you will never be scammed in life, but there are many things you can do, simple ones in fact to help reduce the possibility of being a victim of fraud and scam.

Everyone plays a role in the war against cybercrime, and you must play your part by having a higher sense of accountability and responsibility.

Remember to think twice before ever giving away your money or the worse... your personal data.



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